INKFAMOUS Fundraising

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my organization make money w/ Inkfamous Auctions?
Once we confirm your event, we will supply a list of items for your silent auction that includes our cost and the minimum bid. The minimum bids are usually set at 15-20% above our cost to ensure that your charity/organization is making money on every bid. In addition, 100% of proceeds over our cost will go directly towards your fundraiser.


How much money can my charity/organization make from the silent auction?

There is no limit to how much money can be raised! It simply depends on how many bids each item receives. For example, if our cost on a given item is $200 with a minimum bid of $250, and that item receives one bid, your charity/organization would make $50. If that same item is bid up to $800, your charity/organization would receive $600.  We DO NOT take a percentage or “split the difference” of the final number over our cost! Since we work directly with the athletes and celebrities, we are able to offer opening bids well below retail to ensure plenty of room for items to be bid up. Answered simply, the sky is the limit!


What do we as a charity/organization have to provide in order to utilize this service?

We simply ask that you provide us the space to set up the auction items. Nothing more! This allows you to focus on the other aspects of your event including promotion and entertaining your guests.


What if an item doesn’t receive a bid? Do we have to buy it?

Absolutely not. Any item that does not receive a bid is simply taken with us at the conclusion of the event.



Will you donate any items to the fundraiser?

Yes, in addition to the items we setup and make available, we will donate up to 2 items to the silent auction in which 100% of proceeds will go to the fundraiser.


How can we be sure that the autographs are real?

We personally obtain the autographs from athletes and celebrities at shows and private signings across the country. This allows us to guarantee the authenticity of every silent auction item we provide. Furthermore, every item we provide will include a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from leading authenticators such as: James Spence Authentication, Beckett Authentication Services, PSA/DNA, Upper Deck, and TRISTAR whose expertise is respected and trusted industry-wide. Many of these companies even maintain databases where the certificate can be verified online.


Does the winner have to be present to win?

No. If there is a winning bid at the end of the event and the winner has already left, we can contact them via telephone as their contact info will be on the bid sheet. We can obtain their payment over the phone and make arrangements with the host organization to have the winner pick their item up.


How do we book you for our event?

Simply give us a call!  You can contact Paige Pratt (210) 489-9924 or Tony Lupo (210) 383-6005 and they can answer any other questions you may have and get your event confirmed.